Living with pain: Healing in mind and body, 20 July 2015

Living with pain: Healing in mind and body, 20 July 2015

On 20 July 2015, we celebrated our second annual IMB Centre for Pain Research public seminar, where 'spray-on skin' pioneer and 2005 Australian of the Year, Professor Fiona Wood AM joined researchers from the centre to discuss the trauma of burn pain, and how animal venoms may be the answer to improved management of burns, cancer and chronic pain.

Winthrop Professor Fiona Wood AM is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon specialising in the field of burn care, trauma and scar reconstruction. Professor Wood is Director of the Burns Service of Western Australia, a consultant plastic surgeon at Princess Margaret Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital, and chairperson of the Burn Injury Research Unit UWA and the Fiona Wood Foundation.

Featured speakers

  • Turia Pitt, Burns survivor and author (via video)
  • Professor Fiona Wood AM, 2005 Australian of the Year and ‘spray on skin’ pioneer
  • Dr Irina Vetter, Deputy Director, IMB Centre for Pain Research
  • Dr Paul Gray, Deputy Director of Anaesthesia (Pain Management), Princess Alexandra Hospital 
  • Dr Coralie Wales, Founder and President, Chronic Pain Australia
  • Dr Mandy Nielsen, Vice-President, Chronic Pain Australia

Watch the event video