IMB is leading the way in life sciences research and translation

IMB's leadership team manages and guides the institute at both strategic and operational levels. 

Our leadership team is supported by our IMB Advisory Board and IMB Translational Sub-Committee, which are chaired by independent experts, and comprise external and university members. 

The IMB Advisory Board members, including Chair Dr Cherrell Hirst AO, bring a wealth of scientific, industry and university experience to their roles, and generously volunteer their expertise and time to support our mission to advance scientific knowledge and deliver new health and industry applications that benefit our community.

The IMB Translation Sub-Committee, which is chaired by innovator and venture capitalist Mr Bob Christiansen, expands IMB’s existing translation pipeline to better prepare more IMB research for downstream commercial development and industry investment by IMB’s commercialisation provider, UniQuest. 

These groups work together to ensure the successful operation of the institute's research, commercialisation and engagement activities.