Just imagine winning the war against cane toads

Just imagine winning the war against cane toads

The challenge

In 1935, 101 cane toads were introduced to Queensland in 1935 in a failed attempt to eradicate the cane beetle. Today, an estimated 1.5 billion toxic toads are making their way across the country at a rate of roughly 60km per year, wreaking havoc on native wildlife populations and habitats, and having a major negative impact on our agriculture and tourism industries.

The innovation

At IMB, our researchers are working with communities to tackle the devastating environmental and economic impact cane toads have had across northern Australia during the past 80 years.
In a world first, Professor Rob Capon and his team have discovered a way to use adult cane toads’ toxins to attract and trap their tadpoles before they can reproduce. Unlike previous traps, this smart, natural solution removes cane toads from our ecosystems quickly and easily, without harming native wildlife.
The team has already rid Queensland of hundreds of thousands of cane toad tadpoles, but we need your help to eradicate them all. 
Unite in the fight to eradicate this pest for good by joining our Cane Toad Challenge today as a donor or partner.

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