IMB’s Year of the Young Entrepreneur

IMB has launched a new program – the Year of the Young Entrepreneur – to inspire, educate and support early career scientists to translate their research.

IMB has worked with over 40 industry partners during the past decade, solving industry problems and developing valuable medical, agricultural and energy products and innovations.    

We will soon open the dedicated Entrepreneurs’ Space, where IMB researchers can meet with collaborators, advisors, mentors, industry experts, not-for-profit foundations and investors to hash out ideas and work together on projects with the potential for translation.   

This network of experts and mentors will encourage entrepreneurial thinking in IMB’s researchers as early as possible in their work and careers. 

Translation can be a long and challenging pathway requiring a range of skills, knowledge and understanding which may be unfamiliar to early career researchers.  
IMB Director Professor Brandon Wainwright said research translation is about more than commercialisation.

“Translation takes the findings from fundamental research and uses them to enhance our health and well-being, our industrial processes, or our environment,” he said.

“Translation is collaborative, it brings researchers together with patients and clinicians, or industry and customers, to work on a problem from multiple angles and achieve a solution more quickly.

“Some outcomes are commercially valuable while others are purely for the benefit of the community.

“We are ensuring our researchers have many opportunities to participate in translation, and that they are supported to take their research from the laboratory to the world.”

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