Why your gift matters

Through discovery science, we learn to see the world differently.

As scientists, we are driven by asking why. So naturally, we wanted to explain why your gifts mean so much to us.

You see, imagining discoveries for a better life excites us.


Our Just Imagine campaign aims to raise significant funds to discover new knowledge and translate it into real outcomes for the community. All gifts, great and small, will make an immense difference to our ability to conduct breakthrough research.

As government funding for discovery science becomes more uncertain and competitive, we risk losing some of our most talented researchers and their future discoveries.


Science begins and ends with people, and you can make a huge difference by funding our pioneering researchers who are finding solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. 


Delivering discovery research from the laboratory into the community can take many years, but government funding is short term, and industry won’t fund research until it is a proven winner, which can take many years and millions of dollars.

Governments prefer to direct research funding towards areas that have the greatest burden on public health budgets. Unfortunately, this means rarer diseases and causes often miss out, and many breakthrough and potential new cures are left to gather dust in laboratory archives due to lack of ongoing funding.

Our generous donors give our researchers the support and courage they need to ask the bold questions and champion the breakthrough discovery research projects that would otherwise go unfunded.


Together, we will deliver better cures, faster. We cannot do it without you. 


Your donations will support: 

  • Costs for vital research incurred by IMB
  • Scholarships, which provide the most brilliant students an opportunity to pursue higher degree research at IMB
  • Rising Star Awards, which provide assistance for talented young researchers to present their work at symposiums and conferences around the world — providing invaluable opportunities for collaboration
  • Fellowships, which enable our best early career researchers to begin their own discovery research projects
  • Chairs, which provide long-term security for our most senior researchers to ensure their breakthroughs make it through the funding gap from discovery to cure
  • And much more!


We know that giving is very personal.

On this site you can find your inspiration, decide on the ways to give that best suit you, and see how our donors are achieving their aspirations to make a global impact by solving the challenges that matter most to them.

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