Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Beverley Trivett establish a visionary research fellowship

The John Trivett Senior Research Fellow in Brain Cancer (2014-present)

For the past 20 years, Beverley Trivett has worked tirelessly to find better treatments for brain cancer. 

Brain cancer is a devastating disease that kills more Australians under 40 than any other cancer and yet receives very little funding compared to other cancers.

Beverley established The John Trivett Foundation in 1997 after losing her husband John, a prominent Queensland entrepreneur and philanthropist, to brain cancer.

“It has been almost 20 years since my husband died and patients with brain tumours today have no better chance of survival than they did when John was diagnosed,” Beverley said.

“There has been some important progress made in brain research but we still don't understand why people develop these dreadful tumours and why they grow so rapidly.”

Since this time, The John Trivett Foundation, driven by Beverley's hard work, has raised significant funds to support promising Queensland brain cancer research, including work led by Professor Brandon Wainwright's lab at IMB.

Driven by the desire to create meaningful change for brain cancer research, Beverley merged The John Trivett Foundation with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in 2013, due to their concomitant visions to accelerate a cure for brain cancer.

Together, they have established the John Trivett Senior Research Fellowship to help accelerate new treatments for brain cancer patients and increase five-year survival to 50% within 10 years.

This prestigious fellowship will also support Cure Brain Cancer Foundation's mission to foster a collaborative, international and multi-disciplinary brain cancer research community. 

By working together to support this fellowship, Beverley and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation hope to encourage enterprising and accomplished researchers to bring new approaches and vision to the study of brain cancer, and help save lives.

In a testament to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation's innovative approach to improve brain cancer survival rates, the foundation was recently crowned ‘2016 The Australian Charity of the Year’ at the Australian Business Awards and ranked the 25th most innovative company at the Australian Financial Review Innovation Awards.

The John Trivett Senior Research Fellowship also recognises the long-term support of brain cancer research at IMB by The John Trivett Foundation.

IMB Director and brain cancer researcher Professor Brandon Wainwright said the John Trivett Foundation's generous support already had enabled discoveries in brain research.

“The foundation's previous investment in my laboratory at IMB allowed us to make great strides in understanding the genetics behind the most aggressive types of adult and paediatric brain tumours,” Brandon said.

“The senior research fellowship will allow us to continue this work in concert with colleagues at UQ's Queensland Brain Institute and other Brisbane researchers.

"Thanks to the tireless efforts of Beverley and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, the future of brain cancer research in Queensland is brighter than ever."